"Go ye therefore and teach all nations . . ." Matthew 28:19

"Go ye therefore and teach all nations . . ." Matthew 28:19

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 1 - MTC - August 25, 2015

Bonjour toute mes amis!I've only been here a week but it feels like a month. Ten minutes after I was dropped off last Wednesday I was placed in a French immersion class. The only reason I made it through that day was the five years of French I took. I'm forever thankful for that. My companion is Elder James Seelos and that's another blessing I thank Heavenly Father for everyday!! I honestly see everyone here. I see Elder Hanks, hatch, Harker, Schwemmer, Murdock, Peel, Peterson, McGrath and others as well as Sister Grey. They're all doing well and have all helped me along. After a few days of orientation and general lessons all new missionaries take together, you get into the rhythme of the MTC. We have two four hour French classes a day and one four hour study session. As everyone does, we taught on the third day in French and we have come a long way since then!! Except yesterday we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation and about repenting of sin and we messed up. The word for sin is péché (pey-shay) and the word for peach is péche (peh-sh) and for five minutes we taught the investigator about repenting of her peaches. Hahaha it was hilarious and it helped loosen us up and to relax a bit. The sunday devotionals are amazing! I now know why the missionaries told us a bunch to make it to sunday. Elder Stephen B. Allen of the 70 came and talked on strict obedience and it helped me focus more on my personal study and being punctual for classes and for quiet time which is set aside for study and pondering. After that we watched a video called the "Character of Christ" by Elder David A. Bednar. I strongly encourage ALL to watch it. It was the most powerful talk I've ever heard and it answered so many questions and concerns I had up to that point. Also, the choir is an amazing experience! The director gives mini devotionals while inbetween us singing. Rather than just telling us to sing with more enthusiasm, he gave a thought on the Sacrament and the Atonement that made us feel an overwhelming feeling of love and praise for Christ which got us to sing a lot louder and more powerfully. I love my district! They are so amazing and have a sense of humor and have such amazing testimonies! Gym time is the best part of the day especially since its after 12 hours of study that 8 of which are completely in French. Temple this morning was incredible. I'm so grateful we are able to go while we are here!! My district is honestly the best! We are the 12 few out of the district of 36 that are going to Montreal, the rest are going to Tahiti. Only the best can endure the cold ;) Love you all!! Pray always, feast upon the words of Christ and they will tell you all things which ye should do! Miss you guys!

Elder Di Reda

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