"Go ye therefore and teach all nations . . ." Matthew 28:19

"Go ye therefore and teach all nations . . ." Matthew 28:19

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 2 - MTC - September 1, 2015

Our lessons with Celine went well. We invited her to be baptised and she expressed concern about her husband not taking the steps with her and that she had already been baptized. We gave her a scripture in Alma 7:15-16 and 3 Nephi 11 that talks about becoming like a child and we taught her that infants are perfect and innocent so they have no need to be baptized but once we know the difference between right and wrong we need to be baptized so we can become like infants again as far as being perfect and innocent. Celine, aka Sister Hafen, is no longer our investigator but she taught a few of our lessons in my district. She taught about the Restoration and how to teach it in 5 min or less as if we were on a bus or train and only had a short time to talk. She's going on a study abroad trip to Jerusalem and before she left she bore her testimony to us and showed us a video and it brought the Spirit so strongly everyone in my district cried a bit. It was powerful. So yesterday half our zone left to France so on Sunday Elder Seelos and I were asked to take an assignment and to be the new zone leaders! Yeah it's only our third week technically and we are now the oldest district in our zone. It's crazy! The Devotional on Sunday was from Elder and Sister Dahlquist. She asked us to look at each day and ponder what the Lord has done or given just for us. Elder Dahlquist taught about how to pray sincerely and read the Book of Mormon always through any struggle, trial, or question. Our 2 new investigators are Nathan and Hospice. In reality they are my two teachers but they play the part of the investigator when it comes to lessons. Our first lesson with Hospice was yesterday and it went really well. We learned that he likes soccer and wants to learn more about the Gospel and about our beliefs on Heavenly Father and Jesus-Christ because he wasn't active in his Catholic faith growing up and he wants to learn. We invited him to follow the example of Jesus-Christ after he knows for himself what we are teaching him is true. He is open to the idea once Heavenly Father tells him it's the right thing to do so we invited him to pray about it with a sincere heart and an open mind. I love Dear Elders!!! Even though I can't respond immediately it lets me know you're thinking of me! Mom I loved the donuts haha I ate like 3. I just meant in the future send a lesser amount of treats so I don't gain any weight. Mints are good, maybe a box of Mike and Ike's every once in a while and maybe 2-3 short sleeve white dress shirts its pretty hot up here haha. I'm sending home some clothes and I'll be mailing off several letters today all in the same envelope. I have too much rec stuff so it's coming home in a box. I haven't gotten a chance to write a letter by hand to you three yet but I'm working on them. I love you guys!!

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